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    More than 15 years, Anka-Group providing consultancy services related to Agriculture, Animal Husbandry, Food Manufacturing-Processing, Textile Production, Construction, Real Estate Property Trading, Tourism, Foreign Trade and some issues about European Union, Grants, Rural Develeopment etc.) with highly professional consultant team.

    Under Anka-Group umbrella, Anka-textile and Anka-Balsüt are also providing value added high quality services in order to make valuable contribution to the development of economy in both regional and national level. Currently, Anka-textile is manufacturing antibacterial bedlinen, stretcher cover, surgical gown, medical bone and mask at our textile plant in Sakarya in order to improve the service quality in health sector, while Balsüt Integrated Facilities for 300 cattle for breeding is still under construction in District of Bala, Afşar Town, Ankara-Turkey. Additionally, Anka-group has started to meet the demands for high quality fertilizer in agricultural sector as the distributor in the district of Bala, Ankara/Turkey.

    As Anka-group, we are mainly providing services in terms of preparing and implementing feasibiliy studies-projects concerning with agricultural crop production, dairy products and packaging of these products while also building processing facilities by using hi-technology in order to produce the most productive output and minimize both energy consumption and the waste. Optimization of energy, while planning the waste management is one of the most important constraint in order to produce the most efficient output. Another expertise are of the organization is organic agriculture in order to sustain production in terms of regional development. Additionally, we are also capable of design and management of large scaled greenhouse facilities using very high technology in order to increase the productivity of crop, minimize energy consumption and the waste. In line with these efforts, we also have a capacity to realize market research, obtain data from the research and analyze these data by using the most relevant scientific tools and methodology.

    While we provide all of these services, first of all we aim to provide valuable contribution to the country's economy by adding positive values to many sectors. Then, we aim not only to decrease the foreign source dependency in both agricultural and manufacturing sector but also to increase the employment rate in many sectors .

    In line with these information, any cooperation request satisfying the aforementioned criteria is very welcome.


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